Produced in: 31st December 2008
Duration: 14 min 17 sec
Name: Tied down for the fucking machine with an agonising ball weight, made to suck dick while being flogged, made to rim hairy arsehole, then pissed on...

Tied down on all fours like an animal, oiled up, with a bit in his mouth and a dildo sliding in and out of his arse, Mo is objectified to the max.

The fucking machine pistons back and forth, eliciting deeply pained groans from Mo, trapped in place, with no choice but to accept each stroke plunging in and out of his throbbing hole.
Freely fondling his most sensitive parts before tightly binding his cock and balls, I point out to Mo that his dick is dripping with precum. The humiliation makes him visibly cringe and moan in shame - his treacherous genitals betraying his usual reaction to sexual stimulus, despite having already been milked once.

As I ungag Mo, he spits in my face and swears at me. This young man is angry, but he's going to learn his lesson soon enough. Mo helplessly looks on in dismay as I clip a bucket to his ball rope, and he begins begging frantically as I lower three heavy packets of sugar into it. To avoid yet another weight on his balls, and sobbing incoherently, Mo is made to beg to suck my dick, which is now visibly tenting my jeans.

With Mo's open but unwilling mouth at my disposal, I make him lick all round the head of my cock before ramming it so far down his throat that he gags. But Mo still isn't trying hard enough, so Stan takes a flogger and spanks his naked arse, providing some extra painful motivation for Mo's cocksucking lesson.
Convulsing and gagging, Mo tries to pull his head off my rock hard dick, but I shove him back down on it, choking him, drool and spit all over his red face as I shove his mouth all the way to the hilt, again and again.

With my prick still achingly hard, I turn round and shove my hairy arsehole right into Mo's resistant face. Stan holds his head firmly in place and we bark out orders for him to lick my hole, get his tongue right up my arse. I feel his unwilling tongue probing into my anus, and I pull his head tightly into my buttocks while Mo's miserable groans throb pleasurably around my sphincter.

Rimming another man's arse has degraded Mo to tears, but it's not over yet - we're going to leave him like this for a good long while, and we want him to be extra miserable when we're gone. And what could be worse than being covered in smelly piss, head to toe, unable to do a thing about it? One by one, we both piss all over Mo, the urine running in streams all over his shiny, oiled body, making him cringe and whimper, his face a picture of angry humiliation.
Whether we let him go or not, Mo will never be the same arrogant alpha male again.

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