Produced in: 10th October 2007
Duration: 11min 45sec
Name:Mikhail - 1. Ordered around, stripped naked, bullied, tied up, flogged, fingerfucked... and anal hooked.

Gullible young Mikhail clearly doesn't know enough English to grasp that we aren't real builders.
But when we demand he does his work wearing a ballgag, he sure understands the phrase "extra money".

Unfortunately for him, once he's agreed to that, he's quickly undone. The confused and vulnerable boy has no what is happening to him, as we cross the line from strange demands to outright bullying.

After being made to strip himself under duress, I quickly slap some rope on him and render him totally helpless. As I painfully pinch and twist his nipples and make him wank me through my jeans, Mikhail looks truly terrified. He should be.

It's not long before I'm slapping him around, prying his skinny buttcheeks open and ramming my fingers up his arse as Derek shoves his face into the filthy urinal.
And what better to compound his humiliation than being suspended by a large steel anal hook up his arsehole, requiring him to balance precariously on his toes for as long as we leave him...

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