Produced in: 28th November 2007
Duration: 11min 40sec
Name: Mikhail - 5 of 5. Spread wide, flogged, finger and dildo fucked, cock clipped... and covered in piss.

Poor Mikhail has been thoroughly used and abused, and this is the humiliating finale to his day of torture. He's got his mouth gagged open, and his battered arse is spread wide for all to see.

Mikhail can't move a muscle as I take hold of his beautiful cock and slowly masturbate it to hardness - and he squirms in shame, unable to control his own reactions. Shoving my fingers up his arse and fucking him elicits even more moaning and yelling... but we can't have the straight boy having a good time now, can we?

Derek steps in with the flogger to give Mikhail's skinny body a good beating, making him curl his toes in agony as he feebly tries to wriggle free. Meanwhile, I attach a tight clip to his cock, and tie it to the ceiling winch, while Derek has a nice long piss. One heavy urine filled condom later, and Mikhail's sore foreskin is stretched to breaking point.

Ramming a dildo up his arse, a nice hard flogging, and our powerful vibrator on his balls soon has our teenage Pole thrashing around, and inevitably, the condom falls. Mikhail's face and chest are covered in piss - and he can't even spit it out of his mouth, wearing his wide open gag. And with the bitter taste and smell of urine overwhelming him, we leave the boy, a very sorry state indeed.

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