Produced in: 24th November 2010
Duration: 18 min 44 sec
Name: Strung up, weighted nipple clamps, cock clips tied to toes for agonising mid air bondage, whipped till he's welted, fingerfucked hard and deep, then made to drink piss

Red marks spread over Terry's creamy skin as I beat his chest and arse with a painful knotted flogger, laughing as he uselessly tries to reach the button to winch himself down. But with his wrists tightly secured to a spreader pole, he's helpless to do anything more than spit curses at me as I lash him over and over again.

The straight boy's nipples are in agony after my last session, so after viciously twisting them, I attach a pair of brutal weighted clamps, which swing heavily from Terry's tender nubs, making him scream and gasp into his ball gag. I continue to flog the miserable lad, enjoying the way all his writhing around makes one of the clamps fall off, giving me an excuse to put it on even tighter.

But all this pain is just an appetiser for me. After clipping some pegs onto Terry's nuts, I use the winch to lift the struggling cunt right off his feet. Now there's absolutely no escape for the whimpering straight boy. I can do literally whatever I like to him.

I clip a pair of metal clamps onto Terry's delicate foreskin, yank his feet up close to his genitals, and sadistically tie his toes to each of the cock clips. Terry sways in the air, howling in fear and protest at this painful new development.
The muscular man has the upper body strength to hold himself up, hanging from the bar, but not indefinitely - and he certainly doesn't have what it takes to avoid hurting his cock as he desperately tries to hold his big long legs in this cramped new position.

But I don't intend to leave Terry's fate entirely up to him. I take a riding crop to his nicely exposed arse, beautifully vulnerable without his legs to fold up and protect him, or any ability to turn away. I thrash the shit out of the screaming man, laying on layer upon layer of welts as my deceptively vicious whip turns his smooth arsecheeks into a tender canvas of bruises.

The aim of the game is to make the sobbing lad yank off his cock clips - Terry is obviously frantic with fear at the prospect of practically ripping off his own foreskin, but as he sweats and pants with exhaustion from the hanging and the beating, it is clearly dawning on him that total agony will be inevitable.

But despite whipping the bastard's arse with my full strength, he somehow manages to hold still enough to retain the clamps. However, I always win. I shove my fingers deep into Terry's arsehole and ram in and out of his clenched, sore anus, faster and faster into his guts, hard enough to make the oh-so-tough straight man scream and beg at the top of his lungs.
Finally, in desperation, Terry yanks off the cock clips, wailing in distress, the suffering of his precious dick suddenly coming to the forefront of the multiple layers of torment. I win. To celebrate my victory, I take a flogger and beat Terry until he screams for mercy.

When I finally let Terry down, his legs give way from underneath him. Unzipping my trousers, I order him to open his mouth and swallow my piss. "Please... please don't..." is the only protest Terry manages, his burning arse and jelly-like, trembling muscles reminding him he has absolutely no choice in the matter. The straight man's face contorts in revulsion as my stinking piss pours into his mouth, down his throat, all over his face. This is the most humiliating, distressing moment of the young man's entire life, and he will never forget it.

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