Produced in: 10th November 2010
Duration: 13 min 42 sec
Name:Nipple clamped, CBT ties and pegs, roped by the neck and choked, arse fucked with a dick on a stick, made to suck a dildo, then pissed on

Terry's feeling pretty fucking stupid right now. Why was he such an to come in here alone? Smacked around and subdued, he sits silently brooding as I rope him to the chair, only sputtering out the odd reply to my taunts when I slap and goad him.

I layer the torments one by one - first tying a rope around his neck, then adding painful nipple clamps to his already tender tits. Next, I begin tying up his cock and nuts, which gets more and more cruel as I pull the knots tighter, seperating out his testicles into swollen little balls of pain.
Once I have Terry gasping and writhing under this nasty predicament bondage, I gleefully clip on a few pegs to the turgid, strained flesh of Terry's cock and balls, the tight localised pinches compounding the agony he now feels, unable to move even an inch to escape any of it.

But when I attach Terry's neck rope up to a ceiling beam, it seems he's actually about to cry. The powerful psychological and physical torment only gets worse as I pour several bags of sugar into a bucket, which I hang off the neck rope. With his neck already strained, Terry chokes and yelps, going redder by the second as the weight increases. He has no control over what I put in the bucket... and there's a lot of very heavy objects in this studio.

But luckily for Terry, I have other plans - namely breaking in his virgin arsehole. I grab a stick mounted dildo and plunge it into his arse, his hole readily accessible through my specially customised chair. Terry can't even breathe enough to scream as the large cock stretches his untrained, tight sphincter, making his arsehole burn with pain. I don't give a shit about this straight cunt's agony though - and all Terry can do is gasp out little chokes of suffering, so I keep fucking him in and out, in and out with the dildo, going harder and faster until his arse is fully opened up.

Now his backside is trained to take a cock, it's time to teach this twat how to give blowjobs. With the first dildo safely wedged in his anus, I thrust another dildo down Terry's throat, order him to suck it, no teeth, wrapping his pretty straight lips around it. I use his nipple clamps as extra motivation for Terry to do a good job.
The sight of the unwilling straight lad made to suck a plastic cock makes my own dick rigid, at the thought of the blowjob I'm going to make him give me later. Meanwhile, Terry, already breathless from his neck rope, has to endure me shoving the dildo all the way to the back of his throat, making him gag, choking on the copious amounts of drool from his crash course in deepthroating. Finally, I whip out my dick and piss all over the sweating, panting boy, giving him a refreshing shower. And that's about as nice as I'm ever going to be to this arrogant straight twat.

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