JJ's back! And this time we put the now 21 yo straight dude through two days of hell...pushing the boy's limits & draining him of his cum.

DAY 1 features 3 scenes of bondage hell including Tickle Torture, Spanking, & lots of sucking and stroking of this stud's nice cock.

JJ begins his hell weekend with a slow strip down while his abusive buddy Nick pinches and pulls the submissive dude's nipples, pits, and cock. Once stripped down, JJ is roughly spanked and then bound from the ceiling for more abuse & a nice suck-off. Next, JJ is handcuffed and moved upstairs where he finds himself rebound spread-eagled to the bed for an intense tickle torture. He really suffers through it begging for mercy while Nick and Carlos take turns tickling his vulnerable pits, feet & stomach with bare hands and Nick's prickly "medical device". Finally, JJ is led by cock leash back downstairs and finds himself rebound to a chair for one more forced cum for the evening after a little nipple play with clothes pins at the hands of Nick.

Genre: Gay Bdsm

File size: 508.0 MB