Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Big Cock, Fetish, Leather, Uncut Cocks, Gym/Lockerroom, Latino Men, Interracial, Theme: Sex Club
Starring: Max Grand, Chase Allen, Drew Andrews, Gabriel Lee, Hank Hightower, Rick Estephan, Tommy Hawk, Troy Steele
Studio: Leather Entertainment

In The Look of Leather, a sex club is a magnet for men who want sex with other men while wearing leather.
Club owner Troy Steele teaches Drew Andrews what to look for in a good leather garment - namely Troy Steele - before Troy fucks Drew on the counter. Chase Allen slams it into Max Grand in the sling. Rick Estephan fucks Gabriel Lee over the hood of a car, and finally, Hank Hightower fucks Tommy "Prince Albert" Hawk in the locker room. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:19:38
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