Melem takes hottie Chad outside to experiment with his first time in bondage. Pulling a length of rope from his pocket, Melem binds Chadís hands and feet before gently kissing his lips and body. Chadís sweet sounding moans turn to fits of laughter when Melem starts to tickle his chest and legs, bucking up and down on the table against his restraints.
Bound-up Chad is squirming under the weight of Melem and his roaming hands until they reach his boxers. Slipping his hand down Chadís shorts, Melem pulls out a thick pole, throbbing in anticipation. Melem can hardly resist as he wraps his wet lips around the boyís juicy cock. Soon Melem desires a little action of his own and slips his shorts off to reveal a nice curved member which he shoves into Chadís waiting mouth. With his hands still tied behind him, Chadís head and throat do all the work as he bobs up and down on cock like a pro.
The conclusion. Chad and Melem stroke their dicks until they both explode with cum. Melem shoots five jets of hot jizz while Chad lets two thick wads dribble out of his dick.

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