Release Year: 2011
Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Genres: fetish, bdsm, twinks

Duration: 1:55:01
Description: Part 1. We've kept Joshua caged and chained for months, forcing him to work out to make his fine, young body even better. Today he will be inspected for possible sale on the international male slave market. Jared, his trainer, knows he will be severely punished if Joshua is not up to standards, so he works his boy hard. After many months, Joshua is compliant, and terrified, a true slave. Will he make the grade?
Part 2. Our young slave's training by the sadistic Jared continues. Joshua must bench press 140 pounds, nearly his body weight, in reps of 10, over and over again. When he falters, Jared prods him on with the whip. The lean, muscular boy does over 100 reps before his chest and arms give out. Jared's cruelty is unrelenting. "Push it!" he screams. "I can whip you all day!"
Part 3. After his grueling bench-press workout, Joshua collapses. Jared allows a 30-minute nap, then douses him with ice water. "Stand up, boy!" he demands. "You are not going to make me look bad!" Joshua's balls are tied to a pull bar he holds at waist-level and Jared adds weight. "Please, no more," the boy begs. "My balls are tearing!" But Jared keeps adding. It's an hour of sheer agony - with no end in sight.
Part 4. Jared finally steps in and releases Joshua from the heavy weight threatening to rip off his balls. But his agony has just begun. Jared handcuffs him to the upright, pulls the cord around his balls tight and ties it off. "Have a nice night!" Jared announces as he leaves the slave boy in the dark for a long night of pain. In the morning, Joshua is led to another room and introduced to a new training device: an electric collar!
Part 5. Jared is determined to test the strength of his slave boy - and enjoy his sadistic pleasures at the same time. He loves watching the lean, muscular youth flex - and suffer when his strength falters. Joshua must hold a heavy steel bar at exactly the right height; he must keep a laser beam in contact with a sensor on the end of the bar or he gets shocked. The bar is very heavy - much heavier when Jared adds two 20-pound cans of sand.
Part 6. Joshua is proving to be too strong for Jared's sadistic tastes: He wants to see his slave suffer long, painful shocks as his exhausted muscles collapse under the weight of the cans, but Joshua only falters for a few seconds at a time. No matter, Jared decides; he'll push the bar down himself. Soon Joshua is shocked for half a minute at a time, sometimes longer, until he collapses and is shocked unconscious. Hot.
Part 7. After giving him a short break collapsed on the floor, Jared hauls Joshua back up on his feet, cuffs his wrists behind his back and locks his steel collar to a chain to keep him upright. "I'm very disappointed in you, boy," Jared tells Joshua, then shocks his young slave repeatedly. He then lays in with the whip, hard. In the end, he whips and shocks Joshua simultaneously, his cruelty knowing no limits. Next week: A terrible choice.
Part 8. Jared doesn't care about training his new slave; he just wants to torture him in new, creative ways and watch him suffer. He especially likes forcing Joshua to hurt himself. So he replaces the boy's electric collar with a rubber noose and a leather cuff around his balls. When Jared pulls a line attached to the cuff, he forces Joshua to assume a painful crouching position - and choke himself! Total sadist.

Total size: 2.5 GB in 8 files.