Produced in: 2008
Country: UK
Genre: Rough sex, medical, youner/older, sport kit
Duration: 01:30:00
Director: Maxwell Barber
Studio: Abused

Luc Bonay, Ashley Ryder, Adam Tremadoc, Kyle Lucas, Adam Hall, Ricky Jackson, Luca Falcini, Igor Lucas

These hard men take any opportunity to pack their meat into another guy! Forced toilet sex, doctor-patient fucking and much more; the huge cocks are waiting for a hot hole to get pounded!
Scene One:
Forced to his knees in the office, super bottom Ashley Ryder gets set upon by rough stud Adam, flopping out his huge uncut cut and wedging it into Ashleyís gaping mouth. Getting his ass ready for a real pounding, Ashley gets on all fours and his holes, giving Adam great access to get his tongue as deep as possible. These guys work each others butts well, before Adam plunges into Ashley, straight up to the hilt with no mercy.
Scene Two:
Catching smooth young Ricky in the toilets, Omar and Luc, studly tops who have only one thing on their mind, push Ricky to the wall and work his cock til itís pulsating. Filling his mouth with both their cocks, Ricky doesnít know which way to turn and is constantly worked on by these tattooed men. Being pumped full of man meat, heís then subjected to a coating of hot spunk, joining in the cumfest himself.
Scene Three:
Having his prostate checked, young Kyle canít help but show an erection to the doctor, taking his opportunity for some young ass, Igor fingers his patient a lot deeper and longer than normal. Loving every second, Kyle gets harder and harder, especially when shown the thick dick standing in front of his face. Feeling the thickness stretch his ring is even hotter, jamming it all the way in and holding on, forcing even more to get inside him, deeper than ever before.
Scene Four:
Sex in the store room!! Adam and Luca get hot and horny, getting each others massive cocks throbbing and bodies sticky with sweat. Tanned and hairy Adam has a beautiful cock and canít wait to get sucking on Lucasí. His beefy frame making him irresistible to Adam, heís quickly ramming his meat home, deep inside, over and over before a breathless orgasm showing these men loved the feel of cock in ass!!

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