Description: I've been watching the tough cage-fighters down at the local MMA gym. Big muscular men, hard as nails, who would rip your head off if you even looked at them the wrong way. But most of these big hunks are dumb as fuck, and I've picked out the hottest one of all.

I approach him in the car park, after he's trained. The big man reeks of sweat and testosterone. I tell him I need his help beating up a guy named 'Dave'... and after I show him an envelope stuffed with cash, the gullible twat is all mine.

I lead John to the lockup where Dave's hiding out. The confident fighter goes straight in demanding "the money." Dave plays along just long enough to give me time to pick up a syringe and knock John out cold - he collapses to the floor, giving Dave and I no holds barred access to his unconscious body.

We rifle through the fighter's bag, savouring his sweaty jockstrap and damp shorts, freshly worn for practice. We fondle his cock through his trackies, and lean down to kiss his lolling mouth. The big man is out for the count.

Dave and I take our time stripping the passed out cage fighter - first we unzip his jacket, to enjoy his firm nipples, before removing his tracksuit bottoms and taking a long sniff of the masculine scent emanating from his shorts. Finally, we yank John's shorts down and greedily inhale the intoxicating scent of his sweaty arse and genitals. I can't resist a taste, so I push my head between his cheeks and rim him, tasting the musky tang of his freshly exercised arsehole and hairy crack.

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