Description: After leaving the service, Zane finds that he still needs that fraternal feeling he got when he was surrounded by a whole platoon of sweaty grimy Army men. He figures that the next best thing is the neighborhood fraternity he's heard about. Zane's always been a clown but he made it through basic without much trouble so this ought to be a piece of cake. Well, he didn't count on blind folds and being tied up and a masked pledgemaster, and harsh language. The pledgemaster has his hands all over Zane's body, chewing his nipples, groping his cock through his jeans, and just feeling him up big time. Zane didn't think this was a faggot fraternity, but it kind of feels good to him.

The pledgemaster gets down on his knees and pops the button on Zane's jeans and pries open the flaps. In no time at all Zane's dick is in the pledgemaster's mouth and Zane is wondering what the hell's going on. Zane's getting a stiffie and this masked guy who is supposed to be "initiating" him is sucking his cock instead. Now Zane's pants are off and it's getting freaky. Now that he's bare-assed naked, Zane is in real trouble. The pledgemaster turns him around, bends him over and reaches for the gloves and lube. Zane gets his ass spread, his hole lubed, and his butt probed. Zane tries to talk his way out of it but he's told to shut up and loosen his ass as the pledgemaster works his rubber-gloved finger in deeper.

Zane's ass has been probed but that just the start of his initiation. The pledgemaster unties his hands and forces Zane to open up his pants and take out his cock. Zane is still blindfolded but you can tell he's not sure he wants any part of this, but the pledgemaster's booming voice pushes him to open the jeans, whip out his cock and to finally suck the pledgemaster's dick. Zane doesn't want to do it, he resists actually sucking cock. The pledgemaster is definitely getting into it: his head is thrown back and his mouth is forming an "O" as Zane sucks on his dick below. The initiation ends when the pledgemaster grabs Zane's cock from behind and jerks him off. Wait until you find out just who the pledgemaster of Zane's Army Buddies!

George is a European who has decided to join the fraternity as he believes it will help his chances in succeeding in America. His slender Euro-Boy look is quite appealing but the pledgemaster will cut him no slack just because he's a pretty boy. If anything it will make him more determined than ever to see that this cute guy with the uncut cock gets his due. Part of that due is making sure the pledgemaster enjoys this little initiation himself. To do that, this pledgemaster goes down on his knees and goes down on George's hard European cock. He licks the slick and shiny head and takes the whole shaft into his mouth through the whole in his black hood...then he gets to work on George's butt.

A rubber glove, a fist full of lube and a spread pair of cheeks is all it takes to get the pledgemaster's fingers and then his thumb, deep into George's ass. There's no telling how George is enjoying this, but judging by his enthusiasm, the pledgemaster certainly seems to get a kick out of his work. I can't tell if George is showing fear or disbelief when the pledgemaster show him the dildo about to go up his ass: about 12 very thick inches of latex cock. But the pledgemaster bends him over anyway and works almost all of that monster dildo up George's ass and George's cock stays hard almost the whole time...I guess it wasn't fear but desire that we saw.

Another test for George comes when he is untied and forced to his knees and told to suck the pledgemaster's cock. George fumbles around until he gets the jeans open and down and then does as he's been told. George licks and sucks and nuzzles the pledgemaster's equipment and the pledgemaster gets a nice big hard on. The final humiliation or perhaps it's the final ecstasy come when the pledgemaster takes George's cock in hand and jerks him furiously until his uncut cock lets loose it's load of cum to cover the pledgemaster's hand. He keep on jerking until George's cock head is too sensitive to stand any more.

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