Description: Tag Team Twinks

Part 1
Starring: Brad, James, J.T.

Brad and James, our tag team twink Masters, think all luck has run out until they run into pretty boy J.T. looking for a ride on the highway. Their lonely cocks have missed the soft touch of a bound bitch-boy for quite some time now, so J.T.’s thin frame and innocent voice could not have come at a better time. After a home pit-stop and drugging the new boy into unconsciousness, they take him to their play-pen to tie him up. They waste little time in admiring from afar as they rub the boy’s baby-like skin and as, but J.T.’s skin is almost too white, so they decide to redden it up a bit with some ass slaps and the riding crop. Next Week: Dick sucking and dildo fucking…

Part 2
Starring: Brad, James, J.T.

J.T., kindly picked from the side of the road by Masters Brad and James, is bound helplessly to the table, all the while being fucked with the metal dildo and sucking his Masters’ cocks. All J.T. wanted was to visit some friends and family, but he finds himself in a rather poor situation, and he can do nothing but heed his Masters’ commands. Brad and James are the perfect tag team to play with this boy toy, and they have every intention of enjoying every moment. Not all that surprising, J.T. takes and sucks cock like a champ…he has clearly done this before, perhaps in more pleasant situations. After a bit of sucking and dildo fucking, J.T. is prepared for electro-shock torture. Next Week: Electro-shock torture, sucking, and whipping J.T. into shape.

Part 3
Starring: Brad, James, J.T.

After electro-shocking their roadside homo until he screams like never before, Masters Brad and James hang J.T. by his ankles for some whipping and inverted dick sucking. J.T. has definitely proven his sucking skills in a doggie-style position while getting fucked in the ass by a metal dildo, but the real question is, can he successfully suck a cock in a diagonally inverted position both after and while being whipped across the torso and ass like the little bitch he is. Whining and screaming in pain, J.T. can still suck a cock in fantastic form, and all the while pretty much upside down. What a champ twink bitch this boy-toy straggler turned out to be. Although he whines a bit more than his Masters would like, he knows how to work a dick with his mouth. Next Week: Even more vertical cock sucking and ass play.

Part 4
Starring: Brad, James, J.T.

Now that Masters Brad and James have established that submissive J.T. can perform the miraculous task of pleasurably sucking a dick while being whipped essentially upside down, they decide to focus a bit more on the sucking and that gorgeous white ass. Hanging vertically upside down, Brad plays with the fine ass, caressing and licking to his pleasure, all the while J.T. sucking James’s rock hard cock. Despite a bit of whining early on, it appears J.T. is starting to give in to the situation, enjoying a nice cock in his mouth while he still can. Next Week: Cage ass play and whipping.

Part 5
Starring: Brad, James, J.T.

Masters Brad and James are not too surprised to find that not only can J.T.’s mouth take a big dick, but also his ass. While James pets and pulls the hair of the caged twink bitch, Brad finds the biggest dildo possible for intense ass play. Head shoved through the cage bars like a helpless animal, J.T. takes the giant dildo as he trembles in fear. When dildo playtime is over, his Masters force him on his hands and knees in front of the wooden cross in preparation for more ass play and whipping. Next Week: Wooden cross whipping and fun.

Part 6
Starring: Brad, James, J.T.

Masters Brad and James pin pretty boy J.T. up against the boy cross, playing with his smooth ass, stroking his crack, and giving him a few love taps with the whip to keep him in line. By this point, J.T. has given up almost all hope of anytime soon as his Masters continue to use him as nothing more than a piece of meat for their pleasures. Brad and James continue dominance of their new twink play-mate as they lock him face-up in the pillory. Completely powerless, J.T. is forced to once again suck Master cock and balls while being caressed in the stockade. Little does J.T. know that as far as sexual play goes, the best is yet to come. Next Week: Fucking, sucking, and cum.

Part 7
Starring: Brad, James, J.T.

While he lay across the fuck bench, the bitch twink J.T. is forced to suck his Masters’ dicks as they alternate fucking that fine ass. J.T. seems to be a professional at both sucking dick and taking it, and at the same time! Before too long, the Masters have J.T. on his knees begging for some hot cum. Both Brad and James stroke their loads onto J.T.’s face, J.T. licking off the leftovers on their cocks. Unfortunately for J.T., his Masters are not quite done with him. They hang him from the crane, whip him to replace the welts that seem to have disappeared during the fuck-fest, and leave him to hang overnight. Tomorrow is another day of fun.

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