Starring: Phil Powers, Taz
Categories: Fetish, BDSM
Studio: Torsion Video Productions

Bound and helpless Taz is captured by an unknown sex slave buyer. The young soldier must endure punishment routines and strenuous bondage positions. Raw recruit Taz wakes to find himself bound and helpless. The captured victim is forced to endure sexual training, ready for his sale as a slave to an unknown buyer. The slave trader knows he can get a high price for this piece of man-meat, so he forces the young soldier into punishing exercise routines and strenuous bondage positions. Taz slowly forgets his life in the service and starts to accept his new fate - abject servitude and continuous torture. He soon comes to realize that the clothes peg punishment, hot wax treatment and anal penetration with toys can only get worse - and there is no escape.
Format: avi
Video: 720x480
Runtime: 1h. 09min.
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