Description: Filmed at Fort Troff, a sex club in Atlanta, Pigs At The Troff shows no limits. These men are about as piggy as you get! This video does not shy from showing the extremes of raunchiness, and it makes for a hot time indeed!

Some long and delightful, others quick and dirty. In the first scene, Mark Hamilton arrives at the sex club, where the action is already underway. Steve Pierce is truly a piss pig, and he's savoring and swallowing piss from skinhead Adam Wolf's hose. Meanwhile, house slut Johnny Rahm is servicing Rob Edward's big tool, choking on it at times, and Rob rewards Johnny with some piss, which Johnny then mixes with his own. Goateed Dane Brooks is next shown wallowing in Adam's urine. Soon, hairy club attendant Brian Mark arrives, demanding to get his share of piss, which Mark obliges him with. The camera then moves to showing Johnny eating out Rob's asshole while Dane services Rob's cock. Johnny delivers one of the most enthusiastic rim jobs ever taped! He digs into Rob's hole with his tongue like I've never seen! As if that isn't enough, he finger fucks Rob's hole and licks his fingers clean. Brian walks on over and slips into Johnny's hole a bare dick, fucking his hole a bit before Brian himself dives, tongue first, into Johnny's freshly fucked hole. Power bottom Dane gets a bareback gangbang from Rob, Adam, and Brian. Next, with several guys standing on a platform above him, Johnny takes on all their piss streams! A couple more piss scenes involving Porkchop lying in a bathtub and Steve taking on Rob's piss are shown before this delightfully long sequence ends.

The next scene shows off Steve and Rob getting fisted by Adam and Dane, respectively. This is a damn good fisting scene, and all men involved really seem to take pleasure in their roles. Johnny gives Steve some piss, and Steve rewards Johnny with a mouthful of his cum.

Next, we have a group scene featuring seven of the men. The highlight is clearly the Johnny-Adam-Brian threeway, where Brian rides Adam and then cums and shares his load with Johnny. Finger-lickin' good!

Steve kneels next to a pissing troff, where he takes on three pissing cocks, alternately tasting the salty piss while jerking himself to climax. He's a true piss pig!

The next scene shows Dane in a sling getting plowed by Rob. Next, Scott gets eaten and then gangbanged by Steve followed by Rob. He coats his chest fur with cum, which Rob takes some licks at.

Format: avi
Duration: 02:04:57

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