Description: Ahmed: My name is Ahmed and I am a prince in my Middle Eastern homeland, but here I am nothing and I desperately want to fit in with American culture. This frat initiation is my chance to do that and I'm not going to screw it up, no matter how much this infidel pledge-master tweaks my nipples or handles my royal cock.

In my father's palace, my Princely status brought me many young men seeking my special favors, but I was always the one on top. The way this infidel is groping my hairy Arabian ass, though, I suspect he has other plans and I am not sure that I can permit that. I resist, but he is persistent and he even taunts me by showing off a dildo he plans to use on me.

Thankfully the pledge-master fingers my asshole only briefly and I realize the threat was only a psychological test I had to pass. He concentrates now on my hard cock, stroking it vigorously and with great intensity, but I cannot climax in a standing position, so I am permitted to lie down and he continues until I have covered myself with my seed. I have passed the infidel's tests.

Scott: What are you lookin' at? Just because I don't come from the "right side of the tracks" ain't no reason for you to stare. Ok, ok, hey I guess staring is what this whole "initiation" thing is all about, so go ahead and look. You'll like what you see for sure. I'm a tough kid from the projects, I'm eighteen, and I can take whatever you dish out because I've done it all before.

Like I said, I don't care if you wanna play with my butthole like some faggot, I ain't no virgin. You have to do a lot of nasty things to make it in the projects and I'm a survivor. This Frat is gonna be my ticket out. I'll be with people who can take me places and if I gotta get fucked or suck dick to do it then fine with me. Like I said, I'm a survivor.

This queer pledge-master thinks he's degrading me but when you're at the bottom like me, everything is up. So what if he fingers my hole, or jerks my cock, or shoves a rubber dildo down my throat. In the end I save him the trouble and I jerk my own cock; I can do it better anyway. I bust my nut and jizz all over my chest. There faggot, now let me into this Frat!

Preston: Damn that blindfold is tight; careful or you'll muss my hair. Daddy says I have to join a Frat to get ahead in this world. He says it'll help me get connected, to become part of the "old boy network". Bullshit. The only connecting I want to do is some old boy's cock up my ass. This Frat is bound to be on Daddy's "NO" list ... so I want in!

Jeeze, that feels good. The pledge-master kind of reminds me of Daddy and he's working his finger up my butt, I think he's trying to make me cry out or something, but all he's doing is getting me hotter! Now he's got his hand wrapped around my dick and boy that feels good too. Maybe this initiation is supposed to see how much pleasure I can take.

Shit! He's stroking my cock faster now. He's standing behind me with his arms reaching around. I'm leaning back against him and I can feel his hard-on through his pants, right on the crack of my ass. This Frat is going to get me connected for sure! Oh no, here it comes ...Wow, I just creamed all over myself while he was jacking my cock. Mmmm, let's do it again.

Previews: After those three frat initiations we are treated to previews for other editions of Tie Me Up - Jerk Me Off. Frat Initiations #1 features Jerod, a male model and Donny, a cocky college boy. In Frat Initiations #2 we meet Kristoff, a European exchange student, Andrew, a cock-hungry blond boy, and Nick, an East Coast gymnast. Plus more young pledges from upcoming volumes.

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