Description: Jerod...This aspiring model really wants to be in this local frat, so he has to undergo the ritual known as Tie Me Up Jerk Me Off. He thinks it just a joke, but soon he finds out it is no game. Jerod's hands are bound behind his back, a blindfold is ties around his head, and soon the pledge-master is undressing Jerod and beginning the initiation ritual.

Jerod begins to object to the ritual but he is quickly informed that quitters are NOT frat he and the pledge-master continues the initiation. Jerod is clearly enjoying things, even if he does object. His cock becomes hard easily when the pledge-master strokes it and his asshole seems to wink at us in anticipation.

Jerod endures the rites and gets his nut, but the pledge-master wants another one so he keeps on jerking and Jerod pops a second nut. Still the master is not happy so he sends Jerod to the backroom for an extra ritual. There, Jerod gets his ass finger fucked by the pledge-master before being deemed worthy of frat membership.

Donny...This skinny pledge was cocky all during pledge week so he was sent directly to the backroom and his initiation is going to be strongly anal just so he learns that the pledge-master is in charge of his fate. Donny is made to strip down and then blindfold and bonds are applied as his initiation ritual begins.

Donny's big piece of meat is rock hard from the start so the pledge-master's job is easy. He strokes the massive meat and teases the prick to get the juices flowing, then turns his attention to the boys butt. Donny's hole opens wide for the pledge-master's gloved fingers, but when a dildo is thrust in his face, Donny objects to what's next.

This frat-hopeful doesn't make the rules though and soon his ass is spread wide to accept the pledge-master's dildo. Inch by inch the rubber cock gets pushed and twisted up Donny's ass. Satisfied that Donny is now more trainable, the master goes back to work on the pledge's cock, bringing him to a cum spurting orgasm.

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