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Description: Harry just arrived. One week ago he was still in Vienna finishing his basic training. He is a friendly, open guy with good manners and the youngest son of an old Austrian noble family.

When he was detached for the peacekeeping mission near Novo Sazky he met Maximilian who served in Tchukistan already for more than one year. Easy going as they both were it didn't take long to befriend with each other and Max invited Harry for a bottle of finest Tchukistani Vodka. This stuff has true spirit and more than 80 per mill of alcohol. Harry was not really used to drinking but he didn't want to show any weakness and joined the orgy. It only took about 20 minutes and 6 glasses of vodka to get liquored up. So he stumbled towards his bed and just a few seconds after he fell into a deep sleep.
Max looked at the passed out helpless guy laying on the bed. So vulnerable, so cute. He went over to him and sat right next to him. His hands started to touch the young soldier all over. Horny as he was he unzips the pants and fondles the cock. But Harry didn't wake up. Overpowered from his lust he pulls down the pants and sucks his mate. That guy is a good fuck he thinks and decides to bind Harry using his cuffs and elastic ropes. Now he rips off the underwear. But he was too fast Harry seems to slowly weak up But Max wont hesitate long as he takes off one of the soldier?s socks and gags him with it.
Harry struggles but his bonds are tight and he has no chance to escape. Maximilian starts to rim him and soon after he starts putting his finger up his ass. Harry?s face is contorted with pain but he has to submit to his mate. Then Max pushes hi fat cock towards his tiny hole. Harry is in terror guessing what is going to happen next.

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