Produced in: June 2007
Duration: 4min 45sec
Name: Scott 1. Blackmailed. Stripped naked in front of lecherous old gay men. Violated, handcuffed and spanked.

Young lean and athletic, Scott has been working hard trying to make it as a professional rugby player. Just last month he succeeded and got himself signed for a professional team, finally being payed to play. He will make his debut later this year. Looks like his future is very bright. Sadly for him a ghost from the past has come to haunt him at just the wrong moment.

You see, a couple of years back he posed for some... rather experimental... photo studies with some women of loose morals. Of no particular interest to you and me... except that they are the sort of photographs his new employers would be none too impressed by.

After a robust discussion between Scott and I regarding the said photos, the lad agreed to perform for me at a little gathering I'd arranged. I invited a select group of appreciative older men to observe Scott's show.
The naive stud also discovered on his arrival that the whole thing would be recorded on video for a wider audience of men he'd never meet, to view and enjoy over and over again. I assured him that only a very small number of dedicated enthusiasts would ever see this...

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