Maxim Petrovic and Dmitry Vorobev in a Raunchy Duo is a treat I have been waiting for. Maxim is an uber top now, after years of refusing to do anything he now does it all. Dmitry is one of my favorites and has shown himself to be a great bottom. The scene starts with Dmitry already in situ, restrained with ropes and a pole. Maxim comes in and forces Dmitry to open his mouth, by closing his nostrils. Mouth open Maxim slides his dick in and proceeds to face fuck Dmitry. At times he goes so deep that Dmitry gags and saliva hangs from Maxims dick. After a while the position is changed, and Dmitry is bending over so that Maxim can shove his dick deep into that tight little ass. In it goes and Maxim proceeds to fuck Dmitry deep and hard. Dmitry certainly takes it very well. Then the position changes, and we see Dmitry on his back, with his knees up, legs tethered by leather straps, so that Maxim can effect an easy entrance into his hole again. Which he duly does and continues to fuck Dmitry some more. Finally Maxim decides it is time to cum and shoots his load of Dmitry's face. Dmitry in turn squirts a very nice load too.

Genres: fetish, twinks, oral, anal sex
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