Starring: Tim
Categories: Bondage

In this 30 minute video Tim is wearing his Mister-S latex cat suit and ultra-thick nose-only Polymorphe anatomical rubber hood, and then strapped into a unique Mister-S suede-outside leather sleepsack. Once he is fully cocooned, the sleepsack is secured to a custom bondage platform. To up the ante, a gas-mask is fitted over the anatomical hood, which serves to deliver a complete rubber cocooning experience. Although the rubber hood is quite thick, its anatomical features allow a comfortable fit which Tim can endure for quite some time. An assortment of short leather straps are used to secure the sleepsack to the bondage platform, and once secured, the rig prevents Tim from moving in the slightest. This bondage experience is quite exciting and completely over the top, and should probably be rated an 8 on the SB scale (1-10, ten being the highest). A special thanks to Tim, Ed and Dalton for participating in this fun video.
Format: wmv
Resolution: 720x480
Runtime: 30 min.

File size: 426.1 MB