Produced in: 30th November 201
Duration: 19 min 38 sec
Name: Grovelling for forgiveness, balls clamped, submission training, made to crawl with hands tied behind his back, arse flogged, made to drag a bowling ball attached to his balls across the room, deep throat cock until he gags and vomits

Disrespect is a serious offense. Nicholas needs to be humbled. Straight men need to be continuously trained and beaten to remind them of their submissive position to us. We make Nicholas painfully crawl on his knees to fetch us beer while we gaze at his big full balls clamped tight and his arsehole on show. We get so horny beating his arse and shouting abuse at him that we shove our hard dicks down his throat so far that he upchucks into our pubes. It feels so right seeing this masculine hetero man staring sorrowfully up at us with tears and snot dripping down his face.

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