Release Year: 2012
Cast: Radko
Genres: Fetish

Radko was taken out of his car and brought into the deep forest. In a remote ruin the soldiers strip searched him. Bound over the table they push their hungry cocks into the straight guys mouth. He has to serve them as their personal slave boy now.
Radko was a bit confused. All he had to do was to transfer the car to its new owner in the capital city. But the road signs leading to Novo Sazky were removed. He checked his map and decided to take the street left hand. That was the wrong turn. A few hundred meters later he reached a roadblock made of barbed wire fence.
Mecko and Becko were waiting the whole day at the check point. No one was trespassing the security zone so far until an engines noise was approaching them.
“Stop!” Mecko orders the driver and when he opened the door the soldiers were confiscating his car key. Then everything went fast. Within seconds Radko was pulled out of his vehicle and led into the forest. He was full of fear so he didn't even mention to resist the orders given to him. It was just a few minutes walk from there until they reached a remote ruin. The soldiers pushed the young man into the house.
“Hands up!” Becko starts to frisk Radko as his hands move all over his body. Soon the guys shirt is removed. He gets handcuffed and has to bend over the table. Mecko