Lukas Pribyl is simply stunning in his beauty. We brought him in for a tickling session. He looks an absolute picture as he sits for his interview and then be begins to send an sms message on his phone. As he does so a cane appears and tickles his neck and arm, which Lukas feels and has to rub himself to stop the itching. The tormenting continues, on his knee and on his body, with Lukas trying to ignore it, but failing. The hands holding the cane drop it and begin to tickle Lukas in earnest, making him squirm to try to avoid it. His tee shirt is removed and Lukas looks gorgeous with his chest and abs exposed as he is tickled. His skin is very susceptible to tickling by a light touch of the cane dragged across it, and Lukas cannot prevent himself from shivering and laughing. His shoes are removed for some foot tickling. His feet really feel it as the fingers do their work and Lukas tries to pull away. Then he is naked and sitting on the tickler's lap, with his torso the focus of tickling attention. He really looks great as he squirms from the tickling. Then he is shackled to the cross for more tickling with the hand also reaching under and tickling his balls, as well as his body. As his balls are tickled Lukas begins to get hard and is soon wanking his cock and shooting a very nice load onto his underwear, which he is promptly instructed to put back on and leave. What a lovely shoot with Lukas, such a star in the making.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 32:50
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 1939kbps
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