Everything is white. Everything looks peaceful. We are in Solkins, a small village about 30 km away from the capital. Kusja tries to repair an old military truck. Fedor is keeping watch at the compound when he sees a moving shadow in the nearby forest. Somebody tries to sneak up from behind. He alerts Kusja and together they run into the woods.

Sven feels quite save. He approached the compound from the backside and didn't even notice that there were guards. When he hears fast footsteps in the snow it is already too late. He starts too run but the soldiers are just faster and they catch him after a few hundred meters.

They grab the potential spy and drag him to a nearby ruin. There they heavily beat him up and try to make him speak. But Sven cannot even understand them. He is Russian and officially working for the Russian embassy in Novo Sazky. He cries, he shouts but the soldiers just continue. After Sven is broken and exhausted they drag him half naked trough the snow back into the compound.

They enter the garage and tie him to a car-jack with his hands spread wide. The struggling Russian still canīt realize what is happening. Until they cut his clothes and start to strip him.

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