Release Year: 2012
Cast: Gorja, Franio
Genres: Fetish

It was supposed to be just a walk through the winter wonder land. But our boys stepped into a trap. They were supposed to serve as the lust slaves of a corrupt UN representative to Tchukistan.
His mission was not easy. His mission was even humanitarian. But when Carl first came to Tchukistan he just saw all the possibilities offered in this war torn country. As an official of a planned peacekeeping mission he soon faced all the corruption and he easily got into contact with powerful men.
Carl comes from a Scandinavian country that doesn't need to be named. It is a rich country but still it was difficult to even get good hookers for good money there. As a young gay man he was always into cute twinks. But the boys from his town have mostly been straight. Well, here in Tchukistan he has a chance to finally live his dream. No risk no fun.
Some when he met Nikolay our officer of the regular Tchukistani forces. And as we know Nikolay already he was capable of fulfilling any of Carl