Release Year: 2012
Cast: Dominic
Genres: Fetish

Taken from his own car rich boy Dominic is led away to a deserted yard. In the cellar he is tied to the bars. His suit is cut off and he is stripped piece by piece completely at the mercy of two horny young soldiers.
Dominic is the youngest son of a well know local millionaire. He is one of those fortunate boys that are rich and handsome at the same time. The girls are crazy about him and the boys are maybe just jealous.
Their envy is paired with fear and respect as his family is engaged in some very special deals with the government of Tchukistan.
On his way back from a party our rich boy Dominic was driven home by his chauffeur. It seemed to be a perfect day again until they were stopped...
Mecko and Becko were patrolling the remote street in the morning as they noticed the noise of a car coming closer. They hoped for nothing more than another young victim to please their special taste of fun. When checking out the passports of the driver and his guest they noticed who they stopped. Instead of accepting the offered bribe they decided to bind the driver and lock him into the trunk of his car. Dominic was still relaxed in the beginning until he saw what happened. Our heroes simply tied his hands and took him into the fields near Novo Sazky. Completely shocked by this Dominic didn't even protest too much. Obviously he feared for his live.
Later all three arrived at the old deserted yard that Becko choose to be their housing for the weeks to come. Down in the cellar our little millionaire was searched and finally tied to the iron bars downstairs. Mecko lighted a cigarette to inspect the victim in this vulnerable position. He let him feel the smell of the smoke into his face and touched his expensive suit. What a special guest. A well trained handsome boy with so much fear in his eyes. Did he even have an idea what was going to happen to him?
First he was gagged. And then Becko did start to cut his suit piece by piece with a dirty scissor. They rip off his sack coat, then his shirt. The buttons fall to the ground and a fearful moan comes out of the gagged mouth of Dominic as the guys touch his well defined body. What a hot boy! What a fun to come!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 8:11
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