Trussed up in a gag, feet tickled and whipped, then drilled in the arse with a fucking machine.

Chav boy Kevin is in quite a predicament - he's never felt so exposed and humiliated in all his life. Tied to the ceiling by head and ankles, wrists bound by his sides, the little shit can't move an inch as I begin to toy with him.
But with a hot little scally like Kevin, where does one start? Why, the feet of course. Just look at those tender soles, just begging to be abused.

I start off by giving his sexy high arches a rough tickle, digging my nails into his delicate foot skin as he frantically tries to pull his feet out of my grasp. So I tie them up, yanking the rope tight to hold them firm - and now there's no way for him to hide those vulnerable naked soles. Soon Kevin's screaming hysterically through the gag as I scrape, tickle and torment his feet until my dick's so hard, it's tenting my trackies.

And now for the real pain - this straight boy ain't felt nothing yet. I smack his soles harder and harder with my hand, as he grits his teeth, determined not to give in to the punishment. But when I grab a whip, hold his feet firm, and beat the shit out of his delicate arches, Kevin thrashes around in utter desperation - experiencing a hitherto unimagined level of pain.

As Kevin's struggling keeps flashing his perfect little arsehole, I decide that needs some serious seeing to as well. Colin brings in the drill powered fucking machine - and Kevin almost passes out from the sudden anal agony the massive ribbed dildo inflicts on his pink hole.
Colin turns the drill up faster and faster, and the little straight shit literally can't control himself - his entire body is tensed up in pure pain, as his nonstop howl of anguish goes completely unheeded...

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