Starring: Dima, Vadim
Categories: Fetish, Military

They put Dima into a cell beneath the ground. It is cold and wet. The bars above him barely allow him to stand straight. Suddenly Jack enters the room. He opens the lock:“Get out! Time for some punishment!” He ties the boy to a spanking-apparatus. Then he takes a paddle and beats the boy like a madman. He fondles his cherry, touches his private parts and spanks him with his hands. The torture is intense and lasts very long. Finally Dima?s ass is red like fire.
But this was just the Hors d?oeuvre. Dima is already close to tears when Jack fixes him to the rack. He is tied well with his hands and feet stretched to the maximum. The soldier lights a candle and starts to torture the boy with the hot liquid wax. Dima tries to move and struggles but he cannot escape the painful drops that burn his soft skin. Meanwhile Jack fondles and strokes the boy?s cock. “You little stone-throwing bastard, will you accept me as your master?“ It doesn't take long for Dima to agree. He is desperate and submits to his destiny.
Now the broken boy needs to learn what it means “to serve”. Jack gets an old carriage from the stable of the barracks. He tells Dima to be his “horse” and to move the carriage outside of the hall. The boy?s exhausted body almost collapses when Jack finally commands him to stop.
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