This is a real deep-throat. Anton is gagging and choking. Then he gets a hard whipping before the soldier starts to brutally fuck the guy. He has to swallow all his cum before the torment is over.

His cuffs are fixed to the table. Naked and frightened he is exposed to the freezing cold inside the small tent. Gregor is beating him. He knows that this humble guy is already broken but he wants to enjoy his power. And the General allowed him to do so. He orders the trembling prisoner to suck him again. Anton is gagging and choking from the soldier's rock-hard cock.

“Stand up, you skinny piece of shit!”. Gregor has a small whip. This whip is an evil toy. With tiny hard knots at its end it hurts like hell on Anton's ass. He gives him a good and long whipping till his bony butt burns like fire. ”Kneel down on the table. Doggy style!” Gregor starts to fuck the guy and he treats him like his private slave. Anton cannot say what is more painful. The fuck or the continuous whipping. Now the soldier wants his toy-boy in a missionary position. He fucks him like a madman.

This treatment seems to go on for ages. Interrupted only by the order to suck. And Anton obeys. What else could he do? Finally Gregor shoots his massive load right into the guy's mouth. “Swallow it! And don't miss a single drop!” He leaves the prisoner in the tent. Naked, dirty and with cum dripping out of his mouth.

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