Jan Panik is a very handsome guy who we invited in for a tickling shoot. After his interview he lays back on the bed and presents his socked feet for the start of the tickling. A smile quickly appears on Jan's face as the first foot is tickled, and he pulls away, slightly, as he feels it. Then the sock is removed and the bare foot receives the treatment. Jan is able to take it, just, and the other shoe and sock are removed so that the second foot can be tickled as well. Next Jan sits up as the tickler moves behind him. He removes Jan's tee-shirt and starts to tickle his body. Jan's hands are up, behind his head as the hands work up anad down his body and under his arms. Then Jan stands, so that his shorts can be removed and his nice, fat cock comes into view. As he stands there Jan is tickled all over his body and under his balls. Then he drops to his knees for more of the same, with a smirk on his face, as if to say "I can take this". His wrists and ankles are then shackled, as he sits on the bed, and his feet get some more attention. That elicits more smiles from Jan. It seems that his feet are the most susceptible to the tickling. Jan lays down and his balls and thighs come in for the treatment, with Jan responding more now. The hands work up and down his body some more before taking hold of Jan's cock and wanking him. It doesn't take long before that cock is rock hard and shooting a very nice load for us. Then he is left to relax, after a very nice shoot.

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