Anton has to suck Gregor. The soldier widens the prisoner´s hole to prepare him. Then a drunk General interrogates and humiliates the scared guy before he starts with some sadistic games.

Naked and desperate Anton is tied and put on the ground. He has been cleaned and now he has to suck Gregor, the soldier who found the suspected intruder in the nearby forest. After an extensive blow job Gregor wants to inspect his prisoner´s ass and butt hole. He knows that soon his boss will come. And he likes his prisoner´s well prepared with their cherries widened and their bodies cleaned.

Finally Karl, the General, enters the room. He is a tall, mature man who seems to be absolutely drunk. He starts to talk and to interrogate the pitiful boy. In the beginning he appeared to be friendly. But his mood changed when Anton refused to smoke and drink with him. He is not used to someone ignoring his will and now he is in the mood to torture a helpless and naked guy. He shows him his knife and plays some humiliating games with him. Then he makes him drink. And smokes. Anton coughs. He has never been smoking before.

Karl inspects the boy´s hole one more time. He is surprised about his skinny body. “You look very hungry my pitiful friend.” He continues to make jokes about him for a whole while. Then the general calls for Gregor. He orders him to keep on torturing the guy. “You can have fun with him. Enjoy this looser. He is too boring for me.”

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