Release Year: 2012
Studio: Bound by Connor
Cast: Zack
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Hardcore, Domination, Oral, anal
Video language: English

I fucking LOVE FUCKING! You know a ton of you guys out there, both DOMs and subs love bondage for bondage sake. You're what I term 'meat' guys... I gotta admit I'm a sauce guy. Let me explain.

There are two types when it comes to the BDSM world specifically to bondage. There are those that get off on kinky sex, that get off on the sex itself but need it spiced up - need something to enhance the flavor of the DOMINATION aspect of topping, or something to enhance the submission aspect of bottoming. So you tie a boy up and degrade him, use him then fuck him with your real man's cock.... totally getting off on subjugating him but still want and need the physical orgasm and actual touch of the flesh - need to be inside him and dominate him with sex. Or vice versa as a sub, you need to FEEL the cock throbbing in you, love hearing him degrade you but still want the actual sex act. These people are 'SAUCE' guys.

On the other hand there are 'MEAT' guys - these people totally get off on bondage just for the sake of bondage and have no need to even touch a cock, hole or feel the other person's pulse quicken inside. They simply love 'play.' So I equate this to DINNER - If you're meat then the bondage is the main course and the sex is the sauce that you could have or not have to add flavor to your meal. Sauce guys means that the sex is the main course and the bondage is the extra ingredient you add to flavor your meal... which one are you?

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