Stopped and overwhelmed by a patrol Anton gets pushed into the mud. They tie him to a bridge pier. Then they tear apart his clothes, touch his private parts and have sadistic fun with him.

Itīs spring time in Tchukistan. After a long winter people again enjoy to get out of their homes. So does Anton. He is a 22 years old shop assistant who works at a mobile shop in Novo Sazky. He is now visiting his parents and is just walking the path next to the river that he liked so much when he was a child.

Jump cut. Gregor and Ivor are on patrol. They are supposed to guard the nearby bridge which is an important supply route for the Tchukistani Army. They were just about to take a break when they hear somebody passing by. The soldiers are both horny. They have been away from their wives for months now. When they see the young lad they immediately decide to take advantage of their power. They run after him and fire a few shots. “Stop! Go down on your knees! Lift your hands!” Anton fears for his life and obeys to any command. He tries to explain what he is going to do here in the forest but they soldiers donīt want any explanation. They want to have fun.

Anton is kneeling in the mud. His expensive jeans are dirty. Gregor starts to kick and beat the guy. They lead him to a nearby bridge pier and tie the guy well. Then they start to tear off the clothes of the terrified and skinny man. They touch his private parts and carry him away. Time for some entertainment.

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