Big Bear Trucking Co. (1999)

Starring: Jack Radcliffe, Steve Hurley, Bill Adams, Rich South, Carl Barnes, Will Clark, Mike Vespa, Dale South
Director: Arnaud de Tassigny
Categories: Cumshot Twink Bareback Anal
Date Added: 1999
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Warning: This is a Nair-free review. If reading about men with copious amounts of facial and body hair gives you the willies, then look elsewhere. Bear lovers, read on. Designed with the fuzzy-wuzzy freak in mind, Big Bear Trucking Company celebrates the carnal pleasures of hairy manhood.
The film opens with Hurley (a.k.a. "Titpig") touching himself all over in the shower while tugging and twisting on his jumbo-sized nips. He then moves to the weight bench, where he goes from pumping iron to pumping his own cock of steel. He dumps his junk on the weight bench, and then cleans up by hungrily lapping it up.

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