Release Year: 2008
Country: Netherlands, Spain
Studio: PrimePork
Cast: Kid Chocolate, Marcel Hoffman, Miguel Fresno, Peto Coast, Tom Louis
Director: Jalif

Back and better than ever! This first production in the revamped Primepork Amsterdam line keeps the Primepork tradition of real and raw mansex alive - never any "acting."

Peto Coast is fresh from being groomed as his transformation from boy to young master is almost complete, and he's ready for a night of raunchy man-sex. As he gets into his leather assless chaps and jockstrap, there is always time for a quick jerk off session. Peto is completely turned on by the thoughts of what will occur that night. He begins to play with his large man meat. As he lies back, he spits in his hand and begins to stroke his cock, fantasizing about all the asses he will be abusing. But he knows he needs more than just his own hand. Cruising the streets, he knows exactly where to find hot raw action.

As soon as he walks in, Marcel Hoffmann, a hot young smooth punk bottom, and Miguel Fresno, a scruffy dirty stud, waste no time and pounce on Peto in a hot threeway in the front section of the bar for anyone to see. The three start by sucking each others' huge uncut cocks as if their lives depended on it, which turns into some sloppy wet rimming action preparing Marcel to be impaled by both studs. With just some spit and motivation, Marcel takes Miguelís thick uncut raw cock up his tight waiting hole while sucking and worshipping Petoís cock.

Kid Chocolate, a sexy, muscular dominating top, is sitting back smoking a cigarette stroking his mandingo cock just waiting to have a hot mouth service him. Without skipping a beat, the bartender, played by Latin pig daddy Tom Louis, is happy to service Kid Chocolateís sausage. Kid treats Tom like the sucking bitch he is, using his mouth and filling his throat with his big black meat. Noticing Kid Chocolateís huge slab of meat, Peto, Marcel, and Miguel join in and submit and offer their mouths and asses.

Kid canít wait to feed Marcel his raw black dick giving him a hot deep dicking session, while Tom simultaneously fucks Miguel. Soon both men are involved in hot skin to skin action and want more. Peto jumps in and feeds them his uncut meat filling both guys up in both holes. Being the complete pig, Peto continues to humiliate Marcel by making him turn around, pissing all over his ass and then giving permission to allow his ass to be invaded by Miguelís fist.

Marcel is about to get what he came for... and Miguel knows exactly what that is. What are friends for but to lend a helping hand, or in this case a helping fist. While having his ass exposed and ready to be invaded, Marcel is ready to have his ass pushed to its limits. Piss, lube, cock, and cum are everywhere and he doesnít know which to take first. As Miguel impales his ass with his fist, his mouth is being filled by dark and sexy Kid Chocolate. His meat wonít melt in your mouth or in your ass. The group then decides to move the action from the bar back to Petoís flat for a more initate session, where a masked slave is waiting to meat their every need.

Once again, the guys canít get enough cock and ass, but this time they want to preserve the memory so they begin to film it. While Kid Chocolate is busy getting another sloppy blowjob from Marcel, shoving his mouth deeper onto his meat making him choke, Peto is rimming his tasty tight hole, prepping it to be invaded again by Kid Chocolate never limp cock. Kid Chocolate invades Marcelís raw hole with no mercy, pounding every inch of this thick long meat deeper and deeper into his wet willing boy pussy hole.

Format: avi
Duration: 01:45:57
Video: 848x480, XviD, 2742 kbps
Audio: 128 kbps

File size: 2.0 GB