Release Year: 2003
Studio: Boyride Studios
Cast: Thorn, Aaron, Brett, Michael, Zeb, Justin
Genres: Amateurs, Twinks, Masturbation, Solo

This is probably the best "straight sk8ers and surfers" solo tape that I've ever seen. They could be gay or straight, but all that matters is that they are hot hot HOT! The "str8" mystique may appeal to some, but the hot bods and big loads will keep all coming back for more. In many movies of this type the guys are either skanky or not believable. Not so here - all the guys are masculine, young, and actually are in good shape. For a solo tape there's also a lot of showing off and finger their firm buns. Lighting and camera angles are all professional looking. Some footage of random hot sk8er and surfer types sets the mood.
Young surfer types Thorn and Aaron pass the time by watching straight porn. Thorn is the more active one of the two, doing most of the talking and showing the most stage presence. His long sun bleached hair and blue eyes don't hurt either! Aaron is equally cute and toned but with shorter hair. As the porn plays on the clothes come off ("get comfortable, man" and soon the boys are shirtless and stroking their meat. Thorn comments on Aaron's dick piercing - what looks like to be 2 rods going through the head of his dick at right angles to one another. They make small talk as Aaron removes each rod and continues to keep stroking. Soon they totally naked and stroking side by side - and checking each other out, I might add. Eventually Thorn gets off a GREAT juicy load with several powerful spurts. Aaron doesn't do so badly either, and it's clear both guys had a good time working up a sweat from their labor.
Brett does his scene in the bathroom. He's another dark haired lad, smooth and defined. He has nice biceps and chest (one nipple pierced) with a flat stomach that ripples when he gets going. He starts off on the toilet with a stroke magazine but quickly climbs up on the vanity. The mirrored wall and varying camera angles show off his nice cock and firm buns, which he strokes occasionally until spraying a big load.
Justin has dark curly hair and a big throbbing boner and wastes no time by fondling his meat while wearing his boxers. He's another one with a hot smooth bubble butt that is shown off nicely when he bends over a few times. He flexes his cheeks and runs a finger around and into his hole...definitely a hot scene for fans of butts and butt play. Meanwhile he's stroking his uncut meat while precum leaks out until he finally releases a geyser spray of juice across the seat of a chair.
Cute Zeb is stroking his guitar in bed before he slides his shirt off and his pants down and goes for it. He's another tight 'n toned dude that shows off his ass and cock. He seems to have a lot of moles on his back, but this butt and chest are quite nice. He rubs and fingers his hole too.
Finally there's Michael, with short curly dark hair and a bit of facial hair who opens his pants to show off his bulge. He's got a very masculine look, including a few tattoos. He works his cock and balls in front of a mirror before climaxing.
Previews follow, and it looks like some of these guys might engage in hardcore gay sex!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:30:15
Video: 720x480, divx, 2012kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 1.3 GB