Trojan's Toolbox: Huge Rewards (2012)

Starring: Ben Brown Mark Summers Dolan Wolf Isaac Jones Trojan Rock Valentin Alsina Harley Everett Giovanne Cruz Bruno Knight
Director: Uncredited
Categories: Cumshot Twink Bareback Anal
Date Added: 2012
(1085.0 Mb)

Muscle man in charge, Trojan has a special surprise for his Toolbox men. For their hard work he has decided to reward them all with a very special present. Choosing only the best of London’s masseurs, he hands out the bonuses to his staff; finally, the horniest Toolbox fuckers in the capital get a service with a smile themselves rather than just giving it! These horny masseurs oil up every inch of our favourite “Toolbox” men’s ripped bodies and huge

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