Kabin Fever

Release Year: 2002
Studio: Delta Video Productions
Cast: Vadim, Nikolay, Vitaly, Alexi, Radion, Sergai, Josef, Ivar, Main and Geri
Genres: Twinks/Young Meat,Cock Sizes: Big and Thick,Anal & Oral Sex,Condom 100%,Russian Lads
Video language: Spanish

Set in Siberia, it's a nicely shot but generic, plotless porn featuring averagely attractive, pasty-skinned, smooth, uncut Eastern European boys who keep warm amongst the snow.

The first pair, a blonde and a dark haired couple, smooch, suck and then fuck on a kinda grimy couch. Not much to say here except the blonde, who looks like a low-rent, un-pumped version of Rocky from Rocky Horror, doesn’t appear to cum. Did I snooze during that bit? Our second scene features another blonde/brunette duo who look like they’re only old enough to have voted maybe three times in their lives. Or can you vote in Siberia? Hmm. Anyways, the blonde is a little soft around the middle and packs a teeny tiny pee-pee, so he sucks away on his pal’s to divert attention. Teeny actually gets a bit bigger, however, after some reciprocation.

They 69, then blondie takes some cockskie up the asskskie. Strangely, blondie doesn’t cum either. Is this an unfortunate cultural curse - blonde bottoms who aren’t allowed to cum?

Fortunately for our next couple, they’re not fair-haired, and both get to shoot - in fact, top boy shoots twice. (Unsurprisingly, he has the darker hair - I’m not joking! This is a hair color cumming hierarchy). The next scene is special: besides one of the guys having some chest hair, there’s also some face-fucking, a pimply ass, and both guys get to cum.

The final scene is distinguished by finger-fucking, and an overacted, laugh-inducing orgasm that sees one of the guys tensing up like he’s having a coronary, collapsing, spasming, and coming out of it like Shelley Winters during her Poseidon Adventure death knell. Ridiculous.

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 1:27:34
Video: 704x528, AVC (H.264), 2437kbps
Audio: 231kbps

File size: 1.7 GB
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