200 Marine Cum Shots

Year: 2004

Genre: Amateurs, Big dicks, Cumshots, Duets, Interracial, Masturbation, Military, Solo, Straight Guys, Threesome, Uncut Cocks

Length: 1:36:47

Director: Dirk Yates

Studio: All Worlds

Starring: 200 volunteer sailors

Description: Master military director Dirk Yates pulls out and dusts off his old private collection tapes from the very beginning and finds his favorite (and creamiest) jizz spills from real Military men.

Get ready to watch Marines shoot big thick loads.

The Marine edition includes cum scenes not seen in the original Dirk Yates' 200 Cum Shots. So if loads of thick and creamy military man juice get you off, then you'll keep cumming for 200 times!

File size : 1.29 GB
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