Angry Young Man - Relax The Muscle 4

Year: 2004

Country: USA

Genre: hidden camera, voyeur, amateur, medical examination

Duration: 1:04:00

Studio: Angry Young Man

Cast: servicemen boys from the Marines

Description: Three sturdy American straight men - all of whom would obviously rather be anywhere else - submit to a standard medical going-over by a Navy MD A muscular father of three with a fat, hairless penis. A sturdy black imported Navy man with a sexy West Indies accent. A knock-out handsome young Marine jock with genitals that forgot to stop growing. Each gets probed by the latex glove. After a standard ENT check and bracing against a cold stethoscope, each man presents his "boys" for a stern lecture on sexual hygiene and advice on how to administer a testicular self-exam. Then comes the finger-up-the-bunghole, which really makes them testy.

File size :699 MB

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