Arcade on Route 9

Year: 2006

Genre: Anal, Oral, Twinks, Masturbation, Piss, Dad + Son, Muscles, Fingering, Rimming, Hairy, Tattoos

Length: 3:38:39

Country: USA

Director: Joe Gage

Studio: TITAN Media


Brett Anderson, Dominic Pacifico, Adam Young, Ken Mack, Jake Deckard, Matt Cole, Josh West,

Cam Kurtz, Josh Powell, Cole Ryan, Matthew Matters, Peter Axel, Alex Brawley, Jody Scott


What if your favorite fantasy was real? That's the steamy scenario Joe Gage has made into his most

sensational movie ever, Arcade on Route 9. What's a older man to do on his mate's 18th birthday, but

initiate him into the rites of manhood?

Gage works the intergenerational angle like you've never seen-while our older stud jizzes it with Junior,

TitanMen exclusive Cole Ryan blows it out with Ken Mack. But likes also play with likes. Younger guys like

mega-hung Cam Kurtz and a smooth buddy trade fucks. Popular stars Matt Cole and TitanMen exclusive Jake

Deckard bust the cream together, while the bruiser trio of Josh West, Peter Axel, and Alex Brawley (also a

TitanMen exclusive) ream each other out in the next booth.

His older friend makes sure Junior's right in the thick of it, as guys sperm it every which way they

can-there's slobbering cocksucking, side by side buddy fucks, threeway chain fucks, group JO and nasty glory

hole action. And when the fuckin's over, Gage has a final mind-fuck up his jizz-drenched sleeve.

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