Sex Dealer

Release Year: 2003
Studio: Adamo Homo Entertainment/Pink'o Enterprise/Top Shelf Entertainment
Cast: Alois Kelusak (a.k.a. Vlado Mirga), Martin Polak (a.k.a. Sebastian Falk et al.), Lukas Sedalcek (a.k.a. Ricci Silverado, Lance Selleck et al.), Lubomir Dvorak (a.k.a. Tony Newman, Thomas Black, et al.), Miky Sem, Pedro Rosicki (a.k.a. Pavel Proskovsky); Lu
Genres: Anal Sex, Big Dicks (10 Inch+), Blow Jobs-Oral Sex, Cops, Europeans, Public Nudity, Twinks, Uncut

Adamo Homo Entertainment's Sex Dealer proves the cliché that sex can be a universal language. Without a word of English spoken, or even subtitles, anyone who views this DVD will know what is going on without one bit of trouble. The video starts with two men in a building stairwell. Quickly, it becomes apparent that a drug deal of some sort is taking place. The blond dealer and his twinkish customer each do a line of white powder, which quickly has the customer (played by an actor who would fit nicely on any Bel Ami set) all but passed out on the stairs. When he finally wakes up, the blond dealer is feeling him up and reaching for his crotch, leading to the two men trading blowjobs.

Format: mkv
Duration: 1:28:45
Video: 768x576, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 3.3 GB
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