Beyond Massage

Year: 2005

Genre: Oral, Anal, Group, Cross-Generation, Young & Old

Length: 1:14:59

Directed by: Matt Winer

Studio: Mentor

Cast: Greg Truahan, The General, Jose Pisano, Julio Icente, Plasma, Wes Shooter

Description: Oh, the wisdom of the erotic massage. While they teach, and be nice guys gently pupils to make. Not far from here, and to massage the prostate.

The film with the participation of young boys and older men.

Ah, massage school! Whether it is learning how to cleanse your aura or give an erotic massage, the young students there are in for more than what they bargained for when they go to a massage school to learn techniques from older and wiser instructors. Greg Truahan points out where thier chakras are, Wes Shooter finds the sweet spot and the General explains a variety of erotic massages. But the young guys who come to learn are easily distracted. They only have one thing on their mind - prostate massages! When two students overhear the General giving his prostate massage session, they don't want to wait for their appointment, they want it right now!

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