Born to Fuck

Year: 2009

Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Big Balls, Hairy, Handsome, Deep Throating,
Uncut Cocks, Poolside Sex, Rimming, Rough Sex, Tattoos, Threesomes
Duration: 1:40:38
Directed by: Kyle Majors
Studio: Cocky Boys
Cast: Sebastian Young, Braxton Bond, Dorian Black, Gamon Walker,
Jason Pitt, Jasper St. John, Jesse Santana, Kevin Cavalli, Phenix Saint, Tristan Tucker, Wolf Hudson
Description: Gamon won't just bottom for anyone - they have to be ruggedly hot for him to do it. To get Gamon ready, Sebastian does what he never does and dives into Gamon's hot little hole and tongue-fucks him. Doesn't take long for Sebastian to stick his massive cock in there.

Jesse rolls onto his stomach to let Wolf pound that big fucker right up his round little rump. After a brutal fucking, Jesse takes a little control as he sits his sweet ass down on Wolf's pole. Wolf doesn't stop fucking, and soon he's spraying a massive load all over Jesse's pecs and abs. Jasper tells Jason "Lay back, I'm gonna eat your ass." And eat his ass he does! After Jason is nice and ready, he gets on all fours so Jasper can plow that sweet ass of his ... and he gets in deep! That's not enough for Jason, though. Jasper sits down on the couch so Jason can sit all the way down on his dick and bounce up and down. In Braxton Boned, Kevin goes in all the way, right away, and starts fucking Braxton's ass while Braxton and Dorian 69. Tristan is a pretty aggressive bottom, so when he wants a boy's cock he doesn't stop until he gets it ... which he completley does for power top Phenix.

File size :1.78 GB
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