Manifesto: Muscled Men, Disc 1

Year: 2006
Country: United States
Genre: muscles, oral, anal, couples
Duration: 1:50:26
Directed by: Chris Ward and Ben Leon
Studio: Raging Stallion
Starring: François Sagat, Remy Delaine, Huessein, Michael Vincenzo, Justin Christopher, Sarib, Jay Black, Michael Foxx, Fred Faurtin, Derrick Hanson, Tamas Eszterhazy.
Description: Four episodes of the film shows what can be engaged in strong, muscular guys in the gym. The film was made in the best traditions of the genre (oral, anal). A magnificent selection of actors will leave no one indifferent.
Manifesto is an erotic statement like no other. This is pure porn, pure sex, pure hot, sweaty action, boiled down to the bare essentials to focus on nothing but the action. In a way it is the companion bookend to Arabesque - only the context has changed. Manifesto delivers Chris Ward erotic imagery that years of experience have sharpened into a razor-sharp understanding of what makes good porn rewarding. It is a brilliant follow-up to Arabesque!

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