Michael Lucas' Auditions Vol. 32: International Auditions

Year: 2010

Country: USA

Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Amateurs, Hairy, Finger Fucking,

Handsome, Gagging, Foot Worship, Interracial Sex, Rimming, Tattoos

Duration: 3:24:13

Over 200 minutes of video!

Directed by: Michael Lucas, Mr. Pam

Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Starring: Jay Roberts, Sebastian Ritz, Naor Tal, Michael Lucas,

Jordan Fox, Hugo Martin, Max Schutler, Baptiste Bremont, Lavi Yacov

Description: Lucas Entertainment's new Auditions movie, Auditions 32:

International Auditions, features hot new men from around the world.

File size :1.5 GB
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