Muscle Bear Truck Stop

Year: 2006

Genre: Muscle Studs, Bears, Anal, Oral

Length: 1:37:33

Directed by: Steven La Butch

Studio: Butch Bear

Starring: Arpad Miklos, Blake Nolan, Mick Powers, Jeremy Steel, Shane Alexander, Todd Maxwell, Ross Taylor, Cole Bookes, Tim Kelly, Kodi Ramm

Description: Load up with MUSCLE BEAR TRUCK STOP with 10 hairy and horny men on sexual overdrive. Blake completes his decent into the greased-up underworld of MUSCLE BEARS and leaves Mick on the west-bound road to Pain. When Blake's lust overheats with big-muscle truckers, gears grind and criminal passions collide. Mick confronts his fatal attraction, and he and Blake pay the price.

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