No Mercy

Year: 2009

Country: Spain

Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Big Dick, Cumshot, Group

Duration: 1:07:45

Studio: Planta Rosa Productions / MachoFucker

Starring: Alex, Gilo, Hector, Igor, Santiago, Cayo, Demilson, Enigma, Salope, Luis, Marco

Description: What happens when guys beg for mercy, and no one cares? See frat boys and petty criminals as they experience having their limits expanded without mercy. At first it's all "Ow, ow, ow! Stop!" Then the guys are broken down and taken to a new level by the delirium and the degradation. It brings out the pussy in grown men and suddenly they're begging to have their asses thrashified and to be man-handled like careless toys. See the alpha side of men allowed to take over without control, or limits. You'll be both shocked and turned on when you see firsthand the cruelty guys can dish out to each other. Be careful, viewing this video may bring out the untamed side of your own personality ... or the side that needs total domination!

File size : 1 GB
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