Year: 2002
Country: Schweden
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Sucking, Group Sex, Twinks, Spunks
Duration: 1:32:36
Directed by: Nir Rosenbaum
Studio: S.E.V.P. Pictures
Blondy, Ivo, Valdas, Art, Andrey, Maris, Rimond, Ricco, Icon, Troll, Vito, Geen, Leeuw
Yet more chicken porn from S.E.V.P. Pictures Sweden, with a bunch of pretty young boys with big uncut danglies doin 'the nasty, slurping the salty and paying no heed to the latex.
It's all hot as melted butter in July, but mostly because of the taboo elements of barebacking and sperm tasting.
Disregard these factors and Obsessions is a rather semi-flaccid frat-house basement sort of production: the sort with ludicrous dialogue and acting (in clumsy, heavily accented English); the sort with roaming, randomly zooming and focus-deficient camera work; the sort with no music to camouflage the overexaggerated ambient noises of beds creaking and camera innards whirring; the sort with lackluster chemistry between any of the models (who are, naturally, quite yummy, if a bit inexperienced).
The editing is so choppy there's never any steadily intensifying momentum, so each sequence is just a series of positions and proclivities, served in a veritable channel-surfing style. I'd think the arrhythmic cutting was a tip of the hat towards the French New Wave if I didn't know any better.
On the upside, this lineup of tasty young meat wranglers delivers enough sweet and salty naughtiness to warrant a few strokes. Quite a few sticky slurp jobs are given here (though nobody seems to share my knack for deep-throating), and there's more deep-thrust barebacking action than you can shake an unwrapped stick at.
To wit, I detect a higher level of brazenness about the way the filmmakers stress the actual insertion shots. Some recent S.E.V.P. condomless productions have been so discrete about depicting the actual "money" shot (ie the raw poke) that several friends of mine have gone so far as to suspect the models aren't really barebacking but instead wearing well-hidden half-rolled condom tips (to which I retort, maybe, but they can't fake all the semen consumption).
Some of the boys here make a show of disengaging from oral sex and, in one uninterrupted camera shot, taking a firm seat on the spit-lubed cock. One thing's for certain, anyone who doubts the veracity of the studio's on-the-box promises of "anal and facial cumshots scenes" (sic) will be duly astonished here.

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